To me, my photography work has been one of the loveliest ways to make new friends, as I get to know more about each person and they get to know me, we can be ourselves and just enjoy our time together. That's the only way I know how to do take great portraits and I wouldn't do it any other way. Whether it's a huge event like a wedding, engagement, or a pregnancy wonderful period that you wanna photograph or just a cup of coffee, solo moments, at sunset. I'd be more than happy to bring my gear and capture it for you.

My name is Abed, and photography has been my passion for about 8 years, I started my career as a professional photographer since about 4 years. Throughout my career, I took hundreds of photo shoots ranging from portraits for professional models, family photo shoots, interior photography, landscapes, nightlife and solo & couple photoshoots. 

Your comfort is my main priority, for that, I usually start my photo session with a 10-15 mins modeling and posting advice, I give the tips and let you choose whatever poses you are comfortable with. I also let you choose the location and the time of the photoshoot.  Of course, I will give you suggestions and share my ideas, but this all definitely will be up to your thoughts and desires and I will only help you to implement them in the best way.

My gear is a Nikon D750, with a good set of lenses, flash, filters and a professional Mavic pro drone for aerial shots.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message to my email: info@snapsnstraps.com

Also feel free to call/WhatsApp me anytime you want:
+31 649103602

I'm based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) I am ready to go to any part of Europe.


Abed Almoradi

+31 649103602